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Tournaments: 20:10 - 21:10 Server (CEST) Time (= 18:10 - 19:10 UTC Time) every day, especially Friday, Saturday.
Standard and recently more popular wild, fr bughouse chess. And Snow fall chess!
You can discuss it in forum.
Idea is to calculate special tournaments rating.
All tournament's games are logged for postprocessing.
TLSD news: Simply flag works now like move and so is also counted and compensated lag. For double board position!
New type of game called DoubleChessBattle (first who wins on any board is winner) added to enjoy classical chess in real team game or simuling on both.
New (single board) chess variant called SnowChess (pieces fall from sky like snow randomly for both sides, You can drop pieces on empty square like in bughouse). Probability of snowfall after every move is messaged now by server in chat, It is different for each game. Players can get one pieces, but with some probability about 5% also combo like PP vs b, or BN vs q etc. Any player can have a maximum number of pieces equal to the number of pieces in two chess sets (i.e. 16xP, 4xR, 4xN, 4xB, 2xQ) combined on the board and in his hand, the player does not get more at any given time in version 1.
Nobody right now on server? Maybe You can watch videos from some previous actions on Onlinea Youtube channel.
ALL NEWS (read how complete 2boards lag compensator works etc.) ... (click here)

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